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David Beavis Fine Art

Little Yellow Bus

Limited Edition of 250

"Once upon a time, our culture and the machines within it were vastly different. Finding relics such as this little yellow bus is proof of the passage of time and the ingenuity that has brought us to this point in history. The details that I'm able to capture in this image at such stunning quality demonstrate how technology is continuously improving and I'm curious about what will become a desert relic fifty years from now."

- David K. Beavis

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  • Sizes

    • 26x40
    • 33x50
    • 40x60
    • 46x70


    • Canvas
    • Acrylic
    • Immersive
  • Limited Edition artworks ships in 4-6 weeks. Interested in a size or framing option not available online? We are here to help! To speak to an Art Specialist, please click the link below.
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